HotRats Reunion

Troubadour Greg Halsall
Next weekend will mark the 15th Anniversary of the Georgia Institute of Technology’s School of Architecture Undergraduate Class of 1991, better known to you and me as The HotRats. HotRats from across the United States will be flying into Atlanta to meet over the course of the weekend. In honor of this event HotRat Emeritus Channing McCleod has gifted us with images from his personal library of very early photographs of the class. Photos after the break!

Who Missed Him??
Carey and Robert

Carolyn and Brian

A Torid Love Affair
Chris and Susan 01

Love's Labor Lost
Chris and Susan 02

Wandering Drew
Andrew 01

Prog Rock Album Cover?
Andrew 02

Greg Halsall Music
Greg Halsall

Mance 'Hawkeye' Ellenberg
Mance 01

Looking Down His Nose
Mance 02

Mr. Mark Gardnet
Mark 01

Toast-a, Toast-a, Now YOU Finish the Joke!
Mark 02

One of These People Is SEXY
Scott, Kelly and Mance

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