DragonFly Everlasting


There it is again.

Dusty pale blue pendant in the middle of the air.

Creation’s resounding echo.

Dragonfly everlasting.

It’s been there every summer for as long as I can remember; effortlessly defining the air in rattling twists and turns like some tiny, maddened barnstormer. The blue of its abdomen washed out like a pair of old jeans.

And though I know that this isn’t the same dragonfly that I saw here one or two or ten years ago, genetic persistence makes it seem as if it were. Like Lee Falk’s famous cartoon strip hero The Phantom, I know that this little fellow is but one in a long line of dragonflies who have assumed the mantle of summertime dragonfly on this little plot of land.

An Ode to a Troll

Have you ever belonged to an internet community that was invaded by a troll? Have you ever seen what happened when the regular members of that community banded together to defend their forums and chase away the troll? That happened recently and a jagged poem leapt from my fingers to the screen. I present my pram to the internet, I call it ‘An Ode to a Troll’.
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