An Ode to a Troll

Have you ever belonged to an internet community that was invaded by a troll? Have you ever seen what happened when the regular members of that community banded together to defend their forums and chase away the troll? That happened recently and a jagged poem leapt from my fingers to the screen. I present my pram to the internet, I call it ‘An Ode to a Troll’.

Trooplike, we ran.
To the teeth of the Troll.

Howling mad, teeth gnashing,
Danger! Danger! Troop beware!
Protect the young!
Savage, Rip, Tear, Blood, Blood,
Glorious Gore,
We rend and strip,
And still it mocks us,
Troll, Evil Troll,
You live beyond our savage instinct,
Drawing us ever toward madness.

Gone away,
not yet forgotten,
we howl,
and twist,
and bite ourselves.

Hooting, huffing,
the bloodlust must fade.

And the trophy on our wall
is but a faint hint of the
power that first called us
down from our tree.

The Troll is gone,
but he hath pwned our souls.

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