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The Streets

Wow. I love it when a band makes me an instant fan, and that’s just happened with the UK group “The Streets”. It’s a matter of days before I head to Tower Records to load up on their new album “A Grand Don’t Come For Free”.

I first heard the song “Dry Your Eyes” on XM channel U-Pop and I didn’t know what to make of a Cockney dude rapping out the story of his girlfriend breaking up with him in real-time. But when the chorus eased in I started to catch the feeling of the band; street smart with heart. By the time the song was over I wanted to hear the it again. It was catchy and poignant and ever-so close to home.
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I’ll See You In My Dreams

I finally opened up the DVD of “A Concert for George” that I bought back around the beginning of the year, something I’d first encountered on public television a while back. Set one year to the day of George Harrison’s passing, the concert was an incredible gathering of musicians celebrating George’s life in music and song and comedy (thanks to a grizzled assortment of Monty Python alum).
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I went into Tower with the notion that I needed some new music, armed only with rough dimensions of the sound I needed. Of course, as always, within the first ten seconds in the store the music they were playing sent my thoughts slamming into the far wall, breaking into a million pieces.

So I wandered around, trying not to look like a shoplifter – ’cause I’m not a shoplifter, but it’s something that I’ve worried about since I was about 13 because there’s never been any good come of even slightly resembling a shoplifter. I’m sure that little slice of paranoia is the result of something I saw in an ABC After School Special.
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Helene Segara

A fine little French girl is my latest musical find, a discovery made possible by XM radio. Since I installed the radio earlier this year an entire new world of music stretches out in front of me. So far I’ve had two of my obscure favorites ripped from the airwaves and stuck onto advertising campaigns for trucks (‘Surfing on a Rocket’ by Air) and I swear that I’ve heard the UK band Keane playing in some sort of hair/makeup/fashion commercial.

But back to Helene Segara, the French girl. Evading the accordians & nasality of stereotypical French music, she lays down a great sound that translates into some great, poppy World music. Not an Annie Lennox or a Kate Bush, but just plain nice. Isn’t that enough? Look for her on iTunes, she’s there.