Is it easy being an extra?

If you have any medical conditions or tire easily please think twice before going out to be an extra.

It pains me to see elderly people being herded around by some kid whose new-found power at having a walkie-talkie has turned them into a sadist who runs the old folks back and forth between the holding area and set. Often, insufficient consideration is given to providing extras with refreshments and restroom facilities. One thing that angers a lot of extras is the fact that the CREW EATS LUNCH FIRST. That’s because the production company doesn’t want to pay us extra money for staying on the clock at lunchtime; you’re their cheapest employee and they’ll take advantage of that fact. It’s tradition (and good business sense). It’s actually very practical for the crew to eat first so that we can return to set before the talent (and the extras) to get everything ready for the second half of the day’s shoot. If you know that beforehand then it won’t seem so cruel or unusual when you see it happen…and don’t worry, the actors eat before ANYBODY. And the Teamsters eat before them~ ;)

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