May I send you my resume?

Not unless you’re a really HOT supermodel, or unless I ask you to send me one.

Up until 2001 I was working as an Assistant Propmaster and had absolutely no power to get you a job outside that department. At best I could put your resume into the general inbox, the chances of which were extremely slim because you were unlikely to get a call for a position that had three qualified people already lined up to do it.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t pursue the work… it just means that it’s pretty darned unlikely that you’re going to get hired. More than anything, don’t annoy the people you’re trying to get to hire you.

If you’re sending out resumes as badly prepared as some of the ones that I’VE received, good luck in EVER landing a job in film. I’ve seen poems, rambling emotional diatribes and plenty of “here’s what I look like naked” photos.

And a note to the kids who think they’ve got an “inside” just because you’ve graduated with a degree in communications: you’re about THIS (holding fingers mashed tightly together) much more qualified than somebody off the street to work as a technician on a film crew. A formal communications degreen does little to prepare you for the realities of shooting a film. If you want a film school to loft you into higher circles from the start, then get Mom and Dad to send you to one of the big schools. Pick up and read all of the American Film Institute material you can find. Unless you KNOW that you’re a gifted do-it-yourself filmmaker, learn what everybody else is doing. Learn what’s current, then expand into the areas that fascinate you as your knowledge of the craft grows. Film is about as political an environment as you could ever hope to experience, and if you’re unskilled in politics then you’d better start learning now. Rub shoulders, form cliques and network like a garden spider…but if you fall into the big trap of fakery then what’s it worth? Be genuine, or learn the hard way….

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