Catching Up With Cameron Beasley

Cameron Beasley writes in with an update about what he’s been doing since school:

“After Tech, I went out to LA for grad school at SCI-Arch. It was great!! I also attended their VICO Program in Vico Morcote, Switzerland (near Lugano). I returned to Atlanta in 1996 to be with my girlfriend, Rita Bazinet. We leased a large building in Castleberry- which we renovated in order to sub-lease space to artists. I started work at Nix Mann (now Perkins & Will) and Rita went to work at IBM in their Interactive Media Studios. We were married shortly after. At present, we own a house in East Atlanta and both of still work for the same companies. I have several personal projects underway in Atlanta – various additions to commercial artist’s studios (Prior Street, Peters Street and Edgewood Avenue) as well as a renovation of an old mill in Scotland.”

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