‘Moved’ Wins 48 Hour Film Festival Grand Prize

Two weekends ago at the at the Cinequest Film Festival in San Jose, California, it was announced that Nice Hat Productions’ 8 minute short “Moved” was the Grand Prize winner of the 2004 48 Hour Film Festival; beating out some 650 odd competing films shot in 18 different cities worldwide. Last night Crawford Communications hosted a celebratory party for the cast & crew at their facilities on Pleasantdale Road.

It was fun to see co-Directors Jim Issa and Scotty Ippolito standing with co-Producers Richard Sampson and Pamela Peacock, fielding questions from an appreciative crowd assembled in one of Crawford’s HD suites. That’s one sure sign of success; people asking you questions about how you “did it”. The only questions that losers generally hear are things like “I’ll bet you won’t try that again will ya dumbass?” and “hey do you know where the ladies room is?” and “gee, how much time did you spend updating your website Drew?”.

Actors Tony Guerrero and Kenny Alfonso, the comedic bandits who never anticipate the film’s sharp telekinetic end, were in attendance as was the hostage java jerk, Melissa Weir. If lead actor R.T.Steckel was there I didn’t spot him.

I only ever saw the film’s writers, Mark Billows and Carlos Ricque, at the kickoff meeting and I cannot remember what they look like – but I sure do hope that they were recognized in the official 48 HFF awards ceremony; writers sometimes get left out when people start slapping each other on the back. Also not to be forgotten was the cinematography of Bill Burton and the camera work of Rob Robinson. Heck, while we’re at it let’s not forget our Art Director Jerry D’Alesio and his dutiful professional crew (Dan Foster, Russell Fisher and Yours Truly). We taped stuff all OVER Richard’s house.

This was Richard Sampson’s second successful showing at the Atlanta 48HFF and his first national win. As I’ve told co-Director Jim Issa a couple of occasions, it’s time for these guys to try something bigger. With the editorial muscle of Lab 601, the incredible sound capabilities of Crawford and the commercial/feature film crews available in town they could make something bigger – something commercial.

Producer Richard Sampson said as much while fielding questions from the wine and cheese crowd and I fully expect for him to make that next step.

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