Zoom Pocket Studio

Zoom PalmtopAs the rollout of my 2005 website has neared I’ve been running back and forth, up and down the site, to inspect its “fit and finish”. With the mechanics of the site now all but complete I’ve finally reached the stage where I can sit back and consider the content that I’ll be posting. One of the most intriguing things I have planned are interviews with my wide array of friends and colleagues from the film business.

The more I thought about how I was going to do these interviews the less likely it sounded like I would actually attempt the task.

Interviewing people via email or instant messaging, while convenient, would most likely be hit or miss. Some people can write conversationally, but a whole lot of people don’t like typing and there’s no spontaneity with email and often room for misinterpretation. Same thing with chats.

Then I read an article in WIRED about the growing popularity of Podcasting (making MP3 files of audio content available for download and time-shifted listening by visitors). So I talked to one of my sound friends, Barbara Benjamin-Creel, about portable recording devices and she turned me onto handheld recording devices that use flash RAM for storage. I was convinced.

So a new toy arrived with the FedEx today: my new Zoom PS-04 Pocket Studio. It’s about the size of an old Walkman tape deck, but its frontside is covered in buttons and sliders. It’s a neato little gizmo and is my first step in becoming a Podcaster~

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