Greetings From Newberry

Hey Hot Rats, you’re never going to believe who just called me today.

Tony Chapman.

That’s right, Tony “Cheese Grits” Chapman.

Tony sounded great, although I have to say that Tony always had a unique southern accent that makes anything he says sound like he’s happy to be saying it. Tony would make a great airline Captain: “Ladies and Gentlemen, we are experiencing a bit of turbulence, but it’s all cool. Now, we lost the tail and we’re spinning out of control, but y’know, I’m not worried.”

Back in 1996 a lot of the crew from the Aaron Spelling TV show “Savannah” hung out after hours at a local bar named “Bud’s” near our stage facilities. Some of the regulars were kids who were going to a nearby school for morticians. One of those guys was from Newberry, South Carolina and said that he knew Tony Chapman. I gave him my card and nine years later BINGO, Tony calls. Pretty cool.

My favorite part of the call was hearing Tony dash off a couple of lines of our legendary fighting song. To say it was magical would be asinine.

It was magical.

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  1. man, that chapman fella has got it goin’ on……you said to put my email on this site and I reckon this is as good a place as any

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