Ociee Nash Goes DVD

The Adventures of Ociee Nash has been acquired by 20th Century Fox. The projected release date on DVD/home video is August 15, 2005. From sisters, Producer Amy McGary and Director Kristen McGary, comes the classic family film The Adventures of Ociee Nash set in 1898 and starring Keith Carradine as Papa Nash, introducing Skyler Day as Ociee Nash, and with Mare Winningham as Aunt Mamie Nash.

If you’re looking for home-grown Disney-style filmmaking then look no further than ‘The Adventures of Ociee Nash’. Keep checking with your favorite video/DVD retailer for the arrival of the DVD. Amazon has the DVD priced at $14.98.

I remember working with Mare Winningham on the Avnet/Kerner project ‘The War’ back around 1994. While we setting up a scene at the giant treehouse at the Thunder Oak I walked over to pin a waitress name tag onto Mare’s blouse. It was the first time that I’d ever been assigned the task of pinning a name tag around a woman’s breastal area and my nervousness was noted by Mare, who asked me “Hey, what’s the problem?” then reached out and grabbed MY nipples and gave them a brisk twist. Needless to say that exchange loosened me up a bit.

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