Turner Developing American Dr. Who Series?

TARDIS hovering over Turner Studios
If rumors of TBS/Turner developing a new television series based on the legendary BBC series “Dr. Who” are true then these may be the first spy photos to reveal the look of the new Americanized T.A.R.D.I.S. (Time And Relative Dimensions In Space) vehicle (which is bigger on the inside than it is on the outside, unlike a portable toilet – especially in the summertime) used by the titular character. In the original series the main character, an extraterrestrial being from a race called the “Time Lords”, travels through time and space in a 1950’s/1960’s style telephone booth reserved for official police matters. While the character (known simply as “The Doctor”) is not a law enforcement agent, he does manage to foil countless evil schemes and alien invasions. The original series ran for 30 years straight in the UK before taking a ten year sabbatical, returning to the BBC for the 2004-2005 television season. But what would make TBS think that it could succeed with the character when its avowed enemy FOX couldn’t make the show fly back in 1996?

An unnamed “expert” on Dr. Who has suggested that the potential answer is “Comedy”. Where the FOX Network went for a romance angle with their “Dr. Who” pilot, TBS may instead attempt to push the series into slapstick territory, ala ‘Benny Hill’. Operating strictly on conjecture (no copies of TBS-owned Dr. Who scripts have ever surfaced) and this photograph (shot earlier this week) it would appear that Turner has permanently erected an enormously complex crane system at their Techwood Campus for shooting their “Toilet TARDIS” flying around campus, which is funny because the original BBC series didn’t involve a lot of flying toilets.

Actually, it didn’t involve toilets at all.

Certainly, it would seem easier to simply animate the entire vehicle with CGI, but rumor has it that Ted Turner (a fanatic booster of the original series) is involved with this production. This is entirely plausible and adds fuel to the rumor because Turner has often been quoted as asking “Why are we spendin’ much G**damned money on them computers? Huh? Why? Give me one good reason and I’ll give you a poke in the eye!” Turner’s new production company has not publicly commented on any affiliation with the BBC or the Dr. Who franchise, but time will tell if such a relationship is developing.

In the meantime, we encourage people intrigued by these spy photos to inquire with the BBC and Turner Entertainment about the possibility of an Americanized Dr. Who series.

Or the possibility that someone has put a portable toilet on their roof.
I think someone ought to tell them… those things stink.

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