Goonie Spotting

Autographed Goonies DVD Box This article is two years late but it’s very important because it represents my first in-the-field Goony sighting. It was back in 2003 and Michael Valverde was shooting his low-budget indie film ‘No Witness’ here in Atlanta. I’d been hired to make some prop paperwork for the show and dropped by set at the Holiday Inn Conference Center in downtown Decatur (Georgia).

On the way there I stopped by a video store and bought a DVD of ‘The Goonies’, one of my absolute favorite movies from the 1980’s. I popped in to say howdy to my friends and headed off to meet actor Corey Feldman who graciously signed the box. Somewhere along the line I headed Corey and his fellow actor Jeff Fahey into a political argument. I had to cruise but I promised him that I’d drop by his website and vote for something or other, but I got busy and this DVD got put away into a box until when I ran across it the other day. Here’s to Corey and all the other Goonies.

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