Running on Fumes

burger sackOkay, who’s the wiseacre that let Trump’s kids back in to Burger King’s ad department? What you see here is an unmodified, un-Photohopped scan of an advertisement from a take-out bag from Burger King that I was given a week or two back. I was sitting there watching television, eating a hamburger, reading a magazine, sipping a soda, when my eyes happened to land on the bag. I immediately sensed something was wrong but it took me four times through this paragraph to spot the error. I wonder how many of these went out before somebody caught the error. Scratch that. I wonder if anybody caught the error. Can YOU spot it?

In case there’s any reason the image won’t load for you the text says:

It’s not always easy to plan out you next meal. So hold onto this bag. When properly sealed there are still enough fumes trapped inside– even when empty — to keep a person going until the next visit.

Funny? Not particularly. But that’s an accurate copy of what’s on the burger bag. Maybe the proofer were too busy having Breakfast With The King to do their job…

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  1. Very clever you are, Cap’n Drew. You diverted our attention to the error in the ad on the burger bag, and slip in another error in your own copy to see if anyone would catch it and comment. Very subtle, you tricky ole latte-drinker!

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