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I’ve been busy, ever so busy, and many of you think that I’ve fallen off the face of the internet. So, for those of you who have been worried here’s the quick check-off list of where Your Pal Drew has been and has been doing lately:

  1. Been to San Francisco for work, falling completely in love with the city. I guess that Tony Bennett guy *wasn’t* on crack after all.
  2. Read Steve Krug’s book “Don’t Make Me Think” and plotted to revamp this here website to a fare-thee-well, switching hosts and saving money in the process. (Thanks to Starfleet X for prompting me to face this inevitable crossroads.)
  3. Received more than a little feedback on PiratePalooza 2005 (, from attendees and bartenders alike. Next year is going to be INCREDIBLE and incredibly intimidating.
  4. Seen Willie Nelson fairly close from the set of the Kelly Preston movie that’s been shooting around town. Think: animatronic. Some of you received complimentary T-shirts this past Monday. Next time around the ladies will receive babydolls (a stylish lesson learned from PiratePalooza).
  5. Devoured the 1st book in the latest Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever series. Donaldson and Simmons are two of my favorite modern authors, hands down. No, I haven’t been able to wade through the latest Simmons book yet (though I did quietly finish up the latest Shannara novel, pulp that it is). No more shall I write of the crap fiction that I’ve read (for awhile anyway)
  6. Hugged a redwood (and had a fairly reliable spotting of an Ewok making brown behind said redwood although the picture of the poopy ‘wok did not turn out)
  7. Bought a painting of limitless value from an animation guy at Turner that I’ve never met before. Ever. Yet.
  8. Found out from that George Takei is gay (which I should have figured out back in the 1980’s since he did sound demonstrably poofy at DixieTrek 198X). But I say that he’s still a damned cool guy, even if he did run for office once. Once a starship captain…
  9. Been on the radio (via answering machine), chastising a Clear Channel Disc Jockey for possibly leaving empty baby wipe packages on the floor of our men’s room at work since he’s often heard commenting on his dependence on such products (apparently a lot of the radio station folks come down to our floor to use the toilet so I figured it would be fun to leave him the message as it might give him some more material for the day)
  10. Bought the collection of C.S.Lewis “Narnia” books to study before the release of the new NARNIA movie this Christmas (holding geekily steadfast to my belief that none shall ever surpass J.R.R.Tolkien’s works, even if he was a professorial buddy of Tolkien (why do you think I don’t read those juvenile Harry Potter books?))
  11. Found out that Lynn Lamousin (of “Lady of Sockholm” fame) actually met George Lucas while dining in Tiburon during the Mill Valley Film Festival. He actually left the restaurant with a promotional postcard about her film. HOW MANY OF YOU DORKS CAN SAY THAT??

On my drawing board are: a benefit party for one of my friends who is fighting lung cancer, shooting a short of a Lovecraftian story I wrote in 2004, finding a house/condo/building that earth-bermed home of my dreams and making some babies. Wait. PRACTICING making some babies for awhile, THEN making them.

I have my priorities.

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