Amazing Race 9

My next 12 Tuesdays just filled up, The Amazing Race is back for season 9 with a new cast of dimbulbs, fragile egos, misanthropes, pocket racists and plain old Ugly Americans. I’d have shed tears of joy if the lump in my throat wasn’t demanding my full attention. Man I love this show. My early favorites?

  • The Nerds: Definite contenders for the Nerdolympics, David and Lori could find their way to the engineering deck of the Enterprise with the lights off, name Yu-Gi-Oh’s favorite god cards in alphabetical order and list all the actresses who played Catwoman on the old television show by breast size and hair color. While I suspect that they won’t last four episodes, I plan to enjoy them while they last.
  • Southern Man Dentist: Dentist Lake (the husband) and his hygienist bride Michelle are going to draw fire like guests on a Springer show. Lake keeps referring to the only black couple on this season’s race as “the blacks”, as in “that black girl is going to outrun you” and “did you see some blacks run past here?”. When introducing himself to Ray, the black man in the black couple, Lake went into some elaborate brotha handshake that he learned in a late 80’s movie starring Arsenio Hall. Crap.
  • Spirit in the Sky: BJ and Tyler are dressed like they walked straight out of Haight Ashbury in the early 1970’s. They’re completely hilarious and I hope that they last a long time in the show. The frilly shirts should play especially well if this race treks through India, Ravi Shenkar anyone?
  • Double D’s Nicknames are big on The Amazing Race and pretty-in-pink teammates Danielle and Dani were quickly dubbed Double D’s by BJ and Taylor. We’ll see if they stick. Together. The girls I mean. Mostly.
  • Is there a bar in Atlanta where fans of the show go? Hit me with comments below…

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