Dimaggio, Mantle, Storch & The Jet-Set Crowd

Mickey Mantle and Larry Storch
I was putting some things in storage a few weeks ago and ran across a strange pair of autographs that my folks collected on vacation back in the 1970’s. My Dad often qualified for his company’s Achievement Club, a club whose members were rewarded with vacations to exotic spots like Acapulco and Puerto Rico. One year he and my Mom joined the other winners for a week in the Riviera. One night, while living it up eating handfuls of olives in a Monte Carlo casino, my Dad spotted baseball legend and coffee spokesman Joe Dimaggio across the room, flocked by fans of baseball (and perhaps coffee). Apparently the casino was full of the famous and near-famous because soon enough my Dad spotted baseball mega-legend Mickey Mantle seated in a booth over near the wall, relatively undisturbed and enjoying a drink with someone. In the same situation I would probably have left them both alone but thankfully my Dad went over to Mickey to get his autograph…

Of course my Dad didn’t have an autograph book handy… he was there to gamble. What he did have was an SBM/Loews Monte-Carlo Casino Guide so he walked over to Mickey’s booth, introduced himself and politely asked for an autograph. Mickey obliged him with a very crisp rendition of his autograph which reads: “Best Wishes, Mickey Mantle”. The guy who was sitting with Mickey tossed his autograph in the casino guide for free. That guy? Actor Larry Storch of “F Troop” fame.

I wonder if baseball fans know that Mickey Mantle and Larry Storch rolled together?
I wonder if they care.

Most importantly, would they pay much for this pair of autographs?
My Dad’s willing to entertain serious offers of olives.

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