Secret World

I was actually on time for work this morning so I stopped at Starbucks to get a muffin and a $3 coffee. The two people in front of me ordered Caffe Americanos so I ordered the same thing. Until this morning I wouldn’t have known a Caffe Americano if it (or a pink snow bunny for that matter) had walked up and bitten me on the ass. Armed with my “investment” coffee and moist fingerfulls of cranberry/orange muffin, I drifted into the parking garage well and truly late. I love having an underground parking deck when there’s bad weather outside, cave instinct I suppose.

While I was trying to snap my entrance card back onto my lanyard I almost clipped the front of an old white Ford pickup that’s been parked on the lowest level of our underground garage since I’ve been working there back in the mid 90’s. I never thought about it until now but I don’t think that truck has EVER moved… it’s like a part of the building. The light in that corner of the garage is always out, it’s a wonder that somebody hasn’t hit that truck (there are some particularly inept drivers in our building).

I need to talk to Jose about fixing that light.

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