A Whole New Level

Another Level??
Last Sunday my friend Scott asked me if I had gone back to look into the hole in the wall behind the white truck in the company parking garage, something I’d completely forgotten about in the months since I first mentioned it here. It’s normally easy to forget about that hole because I don’t usually park near that old truck anyway. On Friday evening I stayed a little late to catch up on work before heading over to the Boswell Gallery for the reception to their nudes show. As I was headed toward the car I glanced down the garage and noticed that my car and the old white truck were the only vehicles on the bottom level and recalling Scott’s question I decided to take a peek into the hole. You won’t believe what I saw!!

There’s another parking level down there!! The floor is unfinished, but the columns are there and there are some lights strung up along the periphery of the wall!! I was already late and I had to go but if things work out next week I might put on some old clothes and take a flashlight down there to see what else I can find. Maybe there’s treasure down there!!! ha!

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  1. Very interesting indeed! This is possibly a very significant discovery as the time for the PiratePalooza approaches. The possibility that treasure is secreted down there seems to me a good one. I speculate that those who may have stashed it there were interrupted in their effort to conceal the hole more completely by a rival pirate crew, and, after repelling the attack, only had time to position the derelict, old Ford truck in front of the hole before returning to the high seas once more to recover their strength and do some recreational pillaging. The likelyhood of their eventual return seems strong, so you should always use caution as you go to and from your car, especially as the aforementioned pirate-attracting event approaches.

  2. I had forgotten about our discussion of the mysterious hole in the parking garage wall until I saw this post. It is quite interesting, and I admire your courage in investigating the space behind that wall. If pirates are indeed involved in hiding treasure there, I hope they will take time to participate in Pirate Palooza when they return to claim their secreted plunder.

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