Revenge of the Nerds

While I was clomping around the dealers room DragonCon in a cardboard box yesterday some folks came up to ask me if I knew Katie Troebs (the answer was of course “Yes”). They said that she’d told them to be on the lookout for me, which leads me to suspect that one of those folks was the production designer for the remake of Revenge of the Nerds that’s set to start shooting here in a month or so. Most of you guys already know that McG, who finished shooting We Are Marshall here in Atlanta a few months ago is one of the producers of ‘Nerds. I don’t know how much the world needed a remake of that movie, but someone has to stand up for the Nerds…. so until my romantic comedy set at a con goes in front of readers again this fall, ‘Nerds will have to do~

Update: a little birdy has informed me that there will be a guy wearing a cardboard robot suit in a very recent rewrite of the ‘Nerds’ movie… homage or hijack? Time will only tell!

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