Briding Method website debuts on April 10thThis evening I’m celebrating the conclusion of six months’ hard labor with the launch of a new website called Developed by well-known Atlanta architect and businessman George Heery, the Bridging Method is a building construction project delivery method enjoying increased popularity in the United States, particularly (at this time) in California. Deceptively simple in layout, the website is crammed full of legal text, diagrams, downloadable PDF documents and a 45-minute, 5-chapter, step-by-step tutorial on how the Bridging Method works.

Why did the project take so long? I had to teach myself Flash before I could begin creating the 45 minutes of animations seen in the “Step-by-Step” section. Of course, we had to record and edit the audio first, which required the good-natured participation of our Narrator, David Wheeler.

As a sort of opensource document for the construction industry, the website provides an in-depth explanation of the technical specifications and practices proscribed by George and represents the leading edge of project delivery in the United States.

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