Miss Kitty

Kitty in a Tree

She’s always fierce, ever so fierce – far too primal to hang anything as pedestrian as a name on. She’s simply “Kitty”, a title she pointedly ignores. I love her long black hair (I refuse to see the white hairs creeping in), the proud disdain in her eyes, and the way she seems to ignore me when she’s actually watching most closely. She bites: sharp, sharp, sharp!! She kicks: one, two, three!! All to let me know when we’re really, seriously engaged in the conversation primeval. She never backs down from a fight, unless the wind is wrong or the moon’s too high in the wild night sky. She melts into the shadows, adores the heat, and kills the little grey mouse ever so dead, dead, dead – just for me.

Or maybe not.

Regardless, you can see more pictures of Miss Kitty in her own Flickr album.

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