Dakota Blue : Wine Tuesdays

Tucked away inside of the historic Grant Park neighborhood less than a mile from the Georgia State Capital, Dakota Blue is a restaurant that would seem forever destined to remain below the radar of mainstream Atlanta diners. From the quiet, tree-lined streets to the recurring hopscotch etchings left on the sidewalk by neighborhood children, the word ‘charm’ isn’t far from mind when you start looking for descriptions for this small burrito bar. July marks the beginning of something new for Dakota Blue: Second Tuesday Wine Tastings.
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Little Lost Traveler

I dropped by a standalone ice cream shop called Bruster’s over in Morrow this afternoon, ostensibly to grab myself a chocolate shake. While I was waiting for them to make it I spotted a lizard-like orange foot around the corner from the ordering window. Peering around that corner I saw a pigeon standing patiently on the curb like he was waiting on a bus. He looked over at me nonchalantly like a Disney character might do. Then I spotted the tag on his ankle….
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Laslie Williams Opens New York Branch

Recognizing the need for a physical presence to support their existing clientele and to further foster relationships with professional resources in the city, designer Mark Williams and his business partner Scott Laslie have opened a New York branch to their architectural design and interiors firm ‘Laslie & Williams’. Their work has recently been featured in three publications: The Atlanta Business Chronicle’s ‘Living in Atlanta’ quarterly magazine, ‘Instinct’ Magazine and ‘Remodeling Ideas for Your Home’ (a Better Homes & Gardens Special Interest Publication). An alum of the elite Georgia Tech School of Architecture’s ‘Hot Rats on a Stick’, Mark Williams was a founding partner in the interior furnishings store called ‘Space’ and can be seen hosting a bass fishing show on local Atlanta cable access. Or not.

Highlands By Moonlight

I made a day trip up to Highlands, NC on Saturday (Aug14).

True to form, I found myself stuck behind two SUVs creeping along the mountain road – completely ruining any chances I might’ve had racing around the twisty turns leading up highway 106 to Highlands.

The trip was partly for business, partly for pleasure, it was great to see the old town again. As I turned off of main street I noted that the old Edwards Inn was undergoing a fantastic expansion, and mentioned this to my hosts. They explained that former high school coach turned insurance magnate, A.L.Williams, has been busy with several construction projects around town – and not necessarily making friends in the process.
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Pink and Green and Bruised All Over

About a month or two ago I was talking to Paul Huggins and he mentioned that I should come over to play paintball with the gang at Scenario. The very first time I went I just hid inside the building and watched. The next time I went I brought along a video camera and shot some footage, then put the camera away and played with a borrowed paintball gun.
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Georgia RenFest 2002

Well, this year I failed miserably at organizing my friends to go to the RenFest. The ones that I did get to go had prior commitments, and had to leave early. So none of them witnessed the drunken splendor and bawdy majesty of the pub sing. Most of the people I called said “oh yeah, that sounds fun, count me in” then proceed to totally not show up. I’m beginning to suspect these people don’t eat the fruitcakes I give them at Christmas…..hmmmm.
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