Mr. Cost Plus

Mr. Cost PlusHere’s a fun photo from last spring when we did a Wal-Mart commercial up in North Georgia. We loaded the proptruck and drove up to the city of Calhoun where we bedded down for the night. The next morning our four person art department headed across the street to the Home Depot to pick up some extra bits and pieces we thought that we’d need later that day. As we walked out of the store everyone was looking through their bags and discussing how to get to set. All except me. I was floored by the sight that greeted us as we stepped out of the store…. a billboard-grade pole was directly across the parking lot from us, soaring fifty or sixty feet above the ground. Perched on top of it was an enormous statue of the gayest superhero anybody, anywhere, has ever seen. I’m talking gayer than Shazam here kids.

Naturally we fell all over ourselves running to our cars for our digital cameras.
Drew and DwightHere’s a shot that Lisa Yaiser took of me with Propmaster Dwight Benjamin-Creel balancing Mr. Cost Plus on his hand. I need to find and post the shot that I took of Lisa and Jay, it was totally the best of the bunch.

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