The Time I Worked With Costner

Drewprops and Kevin Costner This weekend I decided to watch the movie “The War” again just to familiarize myself with the story and was bowled over when I spotted myself in a scene – I thought that I’d been cut out!

If you happen to be watching the movie keep an eye out for the scene when Kevin Costner’s character Stephen Simmons takes his son Stu to the fair. He momentarily steps away from Stu, played by Elijah Wood, to buy some cotton candy. The guy you see twirling cotton candy is yours truly. I was making the cotton candy to hand out to extras and when it came time to turn around to shoot in the direction of the cotton candy stand they decided to make me the cotton candy maker. I was whisked off to hair and makeup where they whacked off a bunch of my hair – took months for it to grow back out right again. Wardrobe dropped me into a nondescript shirt and apron and Dwight or Joe slipped some period glasses on me and boom there I was in a shot. Blink and you’ll miss it. But I’m there!

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