Fairytale Endings

Evan and Yee-Wah Last week I got a call from my pal Joe Connolly out in Los Angeles.

“So what time’s your flight come in?” he asked.

I had no idea what he was talking about.

“You know, for Evan’s wedding… what time are you coming in? I’ll swing by and pick you up.”

I stammered and mumbled something about not being able to make it, something that Joe expected me to say as he’s been badgering me to come out to LA for the past three years… and for three years I’ve managed to find excuses not to go. However, a few minutes after I hung up with Joe it finally hit me dead-on: Evan was getting married. Honest to gosh MARRIED. I’d be the biggest chump if I didn’t hop a plane and show up at his wedding.

And besides, from what I could tell from the pictures I’d seen, she was HOT. We couldn’t afford to let this girl get away… Evan needed our help.

Well, not really. Evan’s actually a rather clever fellow and had somehow convinced Yee-Wah that she couldn’t live without him. So it was that Yee-Wah and Evan were wed in the golden rays of sunset aboard the wedding yacht, The Newport Princess, in Newport Beach.

Yee-Wah was radiant and Evan was, dare I say, elegant and poised as he watched his lovely bride approach the altar…. after having been gently nudged into place by his elder brother Andy after walking around to stand off to the side… closer to the window than to the altar. Evan claims that he was just a bit nervous and unsure of where to stand but I’m not entirely certain that he wasn’t considering diving out the window and into Newport Bay. I think it alarmed Andy more than anyone because later in the evening he underscored the spirit with which he moved his younger brother back into place: “I’ve already got ONE wife.”

It was with pride and affection that Evan and Yee-Wah’s families watched them unite. Later the toasts and dancings and 80’s musics and ceremonial eatings-of-the-chickens ensured that the couple were well and truly wed. Newport Beach dipped and twirled outside the second-story ballroom of the wedding boat, a boat dressed up like an 1800’s riverboat – which was a fitting place to reunite with some of Evan’s LA friends with whom I’d previously worked back in Atlanta on the Aaron Spelling series ‘Savannah’.

Evan's Movie Friends I didn’t get a photo of Matt Sisson and his family, but the four people you see in the second photo are, from left to right: Michelle and Jerry Lee, Terri and Joe Connolly.

Romina and Ben Weiner The couple shown in the third photo are the ravishing Romina Laygo and the long-locked Ben Wienert. Ben was the cable-puller and auxiliary boom operator on ‘Savannah’ and Romina was the young PA who was stuck in a shrimp boat off of Tybee Island during a sudden summer squall, ralphing overboard the whole time. I think that it’s very classy that I didn’t mention that incident to Romina while we were spinning around Newport Bay. Naturally, this classiness is due to the fact that I entirely spaced on the event until after arriving back in Atlanta. [Edit: Romina wrote in to state that SHE mentioned the incident during the wedding cruise and to let the whole thing go, to which I must reply: Never.]

As the cruise drew to an end Evan and an always fantastically-costumed Yee-Wah were swarmed with well-wishers, many of whom expressed their eagerness to see some little Chow-Rabins children.

I have to say that they both looked eager to give it a go.

Congratulations Evan and Yee-Wah, may all your days be happy!

(And thanks for the nudge Joe)

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