Chef Tony

Chef Tony's Sushi
I think that I first tried eating sushi back in 1994 on the movie “The War” because Director Jon Avnet kept a personal sushi chef on staff for the run of the show. I remember being dumbfounded that some of you grips would risk life and limb blasting your ATVs through the Loganville rock quarry just to beat everyone else to the catering tent to eat raw fish for lunch. Idiots. Back then I couldn’t have named a single sushi restaurant in the Atlanta area, though I’m sure it had to be a fairly short list. A little more than ten years later it seems that everyone eats sushi without a second thought, so it shouldn’t have come as a surprise to me to meet Chef Tony down at the Mikata Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar in Macon.

My cousin Julie and her husband Andy are regular customers of Chef Tony and usually leave it up to him to whip up something new and interesting (Chef Tony gives his regular customers their own personal chopsticks). Several weeks ago they treated me to a Saturday night out at Mikata sampling a few of Chef Tony’s creations. Amazingly good sushi, easily on par with the popular restaurants in Atlanta. Big town flavor in a place where everybody knows your name. Next time you’re in Macon look up Chef Tony!

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