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I’ve recently uploaded several albums to Facebook of fantastic weekend adventures with my supermodel bikini girlfriends and tonight I noticed a phenomenon that’s new to me… some of the girls have gone through and tagged dozens of photos with the names of people who aren’t in the photographs!! This puzzled me so much I got up and finished off the bottle of champagne from the Lear jet. While I was polishing off the caviar I suddenly realized that the reason my friends were tagging people who weren’t with us in Paris was because this was the only way they could figure out how to share the photo album with people they thought might like to see the albums! If only they’d checked with me first I could have shown them this very simple trick!

Go to the main page of a Facebook photo album (that’s the page with thumbnail-sized snapshots of all the photos in the album). Now, scroll to the very bottom of the page and look for the two links called out in the image above.

  1. Share This Album – This option will bring up a pop-up message that allows you to send a message to any of your Facebook friends, inviting them to look at the album with a handy link they can click on.
  2. Post Album to Profile – This option posts the link to the album on your wall, allowing all of your friends (who may not be friends with the person who originally posted the album) to see the album.

So there we go! Two great ways to share an album with your bikini supermodel friends without having them clutter up the album(s) with tags of people who aren’t in the album!

One More Thing…
You can also share individual pictures in this same manner! Scroll to the bottom of the page with a photo on it and look for the links… they’re still there, the words are just a bit different: “Share”, “Tag This Photo” and “Report Photo” (for when people post photos of themselves doing inappropriate things with bikini supermodels in Paris).

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  1. We have an organization called loon pond. I have an organization page on facebook. How do I create a photo album that users can add pictures to? I’d like to create a photo album for each family to add pictures to.

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