Webdesign Club

You are not your Technorati ranking.
You are not your Flickr Account.
You are not your Podcast.
You are not your Last-FM playlist.
You are not your Valid XHTML.
You are not your Site Traffic.
You are not an entire range of web things.

Then why am I so obsessed with learning to make websites like Jon Hicks, Veerle Pieters, Dan Cederholm and a handful of other really talented web design bloggers?
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Favicon Swap

Favicon Swap
My favicon has been bugging me lately so I decided to spend some rainy day downtime making a new one. No matter what I did with my zapgun logo it keeps looking like the yellow duck from Adventure, so I’m sticking with the letter “D” for “Drewprops”. Or “Duck” (as in yellow duck from Adventure). I think I’m the only one who cares about this little detail, but if for some inexplicable reason you do care and your browser is still showing the old favicon instead of the new one, you need to find where your browser stores your favicon icons and dump the old version. Don’t ask me how to do it on your OS/Browser setup because I only know how to do it with Safari, and only then because I asked Mr. Google.

Mister Popularity

Well the new site has been up two weeks and seems to be chugging along nicely though I need for Mr. Google to come crawl the new site and suspect that a ton of old linkers are getting to the 404 page. A day or so ago I added a new WordPress plugin called Popularity Contest that shows the 10 most often viewed posts in the sidebar. Today I noticed that the posts from the front page were the only ones showing up in that list so I looked at the settings and spotted the problem. Popularity Contest “weighs” the places where each post is viewed, from full article listings to partial listings on the front page and in archive and category listings. I have set the plugin to stop counting views from the homepage, the archive pages or the category pages. From now on the list should more accurately track the articles that people are actually reading – I look forward to seeing which posts matter! (if any)

Theme: Special Request

Special Request
Bowing to the enormous pressure of four, no, three people (and my ego), I’m adding a site theme to the Preferences section that is reminiscent of the default theme from my 2005 site. This theme features a photo of Your Pal Drew and colors that match the tones in that photo. Visitors using modern browsers will see a ribbon set in the top lefthand corner that says “Special Request”.

Theme: High End

High End
Just a note that I’m switching the site’s default theme over to “High End” which has been available since this past weekend. I want to send a great big THANK YOU to ast3r3x over at AppleNova.com for improving “High End’s” banner with a reflection. I swapped it with the old graphic as soon as I saw it. If you have no idea what I’m talking about click over to the Preferences section where you’ll find several options for how the content of this site is presented. If you’ve been browsing my site with the prior default theme of “Drew Colors” and prefer it over “High End” just click its title and a cookie will be set on your browser to reinstate that style.

2006 Site Upgrade

It’s late, I’m tired and there are certainly a few details left to iron out but I’m happy to announce a fresh upgrade of my website for 2006. I hope that you’ll find the new site easier than ever to navigate and that it’s compelling enough to make you return from time to time. With the bulk of the site design finalized I will return to doing what I like best: writing articles and doing podcasts (I might even toss in a videocast or two). For you long-time readers or computer nerds interested in what’s different with the site keep reading!
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Podcasting and Site Updates

In case you hadn’t noticed, I began running Podcasts in late April and am still very green at the world of audio and am not really all that excited about how I sound on-air, but I’m working on that.

Meanwhile, Steve Ocean, out in Hawaii, battled his way through my contact page gauntlet to ask me about the software that I use with my Zoom PS-04 Pocket Studio since he’d recently purchased a PS-04 of his own. The software that Steve was trying to locate can be found at the Official Japanese Zoom website.
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Zoom Pocket Studio

Zoom PalmtopAs the rollout of my 2005 website has neared I’ve been running back and forth, up and down the site, to inspect its “fit and finish”. With the mechanics of the site now all but complete I’ve finally reached the stage where I can sit back and consider the content that I’ll be posting. One of the most intriguing things I have planned are interviews with my wide array of friends and colleagues from the film business.
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