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Film-GA Tag
This past Friday I was riding back from lunch in my friend Floyd’s Explorer, discussing how much we wanted the day to be over so that we could head off to enjoy a three day weekend. While we were sitting at a stoplight I happened to glance at the car in front of us and my jaw dropped when I saw one of my Film-GA license tags sitting on the little shelf inside its rear windscreen. I had no idea who that was in the car in front of me, which was really weird and really cool at the same time.
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Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

A few months back, awash in nostalgia, I scooped up the five-disc DVD set of the old NBC series ‘Buck Rogers in the 25th Century’. Starring Gil Gerard as the famed 20th Century test pilot thrown 500 years into the future, the series aired between 1979 and 1981 and featured state-of-the-art visual effects on par with those seen in the hit movie ‘Star Wars’. At least, that’s the way that I remembered it…
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The Time I Showed Lando My Lightsaber

Back around 1999 or 2000 an Atlanta-based Assistant Director, Todd Turner, leveraged the resources of the film ‘Unshackled’ to complete his first indie film, ‘Good Neighbor’. Shot up in Winder 40 minutes north of Atlanta, the low-budget film was bound to be an unremarkable shelf-warmer but Todd was able to parlay his relationship with local film crews to help him get the movie shot.

Todd Turner and Billy Dee WilliamsHere you see Director/Producer Todd Turner speaking with Billy Dee Williams, possibly about having me and my Jedi weapon escorted far, far away from set.

Ultimately, a lot of Todd’s crew were publicly and demonstratively unhappy with how a much ballyhooed back-end deal failed to materialize (lesson of the day kids, never work for a back-end deal). Happily, I intentionally worked on the movie for free simply to help out a friend and for the opportunity to meet actor Billy Dee Williams.
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Ociee Nash Goes DVD

The Adventures of Ociee Nash has been acquired by 20th Century Fox. The projected release date on DVD/home video is August 15, 2005. From sisters, Producer Amy McGary and Director Kristen McGary, comes the classic family film The Adventures of Ociee Nash set in 1898 and starring Keith Carradine as Papa Nash, introducing Skyler Day as Ociee Nash, and with Mare Winningham as Aunt Mamie Nash.
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Star Wars Episode 3 : The Revenge of the Sith

[rate 4.5]
It was Thursday, May 19th in the wee hours of the morning and I was driving home from the Regal 24, sleep already burning its way into my eyes when I sensed it.

“What’s wrong Drewprops?” I spoke into the rushing wind from an open window.

I paused, sighed contentedly and the answer slipped into the world… “A great disturbance on the Internet. It was like a million petulant geeks crying out in unison, then suddenly being silenced. George Lucas finally made another decent movie.”
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Party Before The Storm

For anyone who isn’t in the film business in the southeastern United States the only thing you need to know is that in the past two years, 9 out of 10 film projects targeted for the region have gone to Louisiana. Georgia, once rich in features and television projects has gone lacking and many of our best technicians have roamed far afield in search of steady work. But all of that may have just changed last week.
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Amazing Race 7 Finale

It was with a glad heart that I watched the husband and wife team of Uchenna and Joyce be the first team to step onto the mat at the final pitstop in the finale of the seventh season of CBS’ award-winning series ‘The Amazing Race’. I’ve been an enormous fan of the show since the second episode of Season One and (sadly) have the stacks of VHS tapes and DVDs to prove it. While not the best season yet, this one certainly had character; namely Survivor celeb ‘Boston’ Rob and his millionaire girlfriend Amber, whose celebrity seems universal. I secretly cheered for Rob and Amber every time they displayed their unique brand of cocky ruthlessness but by the time it was down to three teams I’d decided that the Survivors had already won once and I couldn’t seem to get behind Gomer and the Bitchy Beauty Queen. Uchenna and Joyce were one of the Good Guys on the field of play and after watching Joyce allow her head to be shaved bare back in India it was never a question that I’d cheer for them. It’s nice to know that the good guys can still win.